Our History

Dow Lewis started in the automotive industry in 1964. After 26 years in Auburn, Dow Lewis moved to Yuba City in 1990. The first thing Dow invested in was the local community. He realized that in order for him to succeed as the newest dealer in the town, the community needed to know that he was committed to them.

Immediately, Dow ventured out to meet the public. He met some very interesting, diverse, and influential people who shared a great love for the Yuba City/Marysville area. Beale AFB was also a major influence on the local landscape and needed to receive the upmost generosity for their service to the local community. The task was large, and Dow was up to the challenge.

Now here we are, some 18 (almost 19) years later. Dow has embraced this area with all his time, talent, and resources. Since August of 1990, Dow has generously given donations, sponsorships, and more, that has totaled over $1,000,000. Even all the proceeds from today’s classic car show are being donated to Shady Creek Youth and Science Camp.

I would like to mention a few of the events or programs that Dow has donated to over the years. Please forgive me if I miss a few. In 19 years everything from the Boy Scouts, to Woodleaf, to Temple University for a local softball scholarship, has received money to help those individuals or groups from this area. So here goes my feeble attempt. Shady Creek, formerly known as Woodleaf, have received the bulk of Dow’s generosity. About 5 to 7 years ago, funding for this science program was cut off by the state due to budget constraints. That meant hundreds of local 6th graders would not be able to attend camp. Having had his own children attend, Dow was going to help as many children as possible enjoy what his children enjoyed. Today, those donations are received through the United Way, as Dow continues to help those who need it have the opportunity to enjoy Shady Creek.

Schools have also been major recipients of the donations given by Dow over the years. Sutter High received funds to finish the new weight room. Yuba City High School received all new folding chairs, scoreboards, as well as scholarships to attend local colleges. Marysville High School received funds for a new wrestling mat. Middle schools such as Tierra Buena received funds to purchase new storage sheds. Andros Karperos Middle School received funds to expand the classrooms when the school was expanding. Covillaud and Cedar Land schools have received funds for coats and shoes at Christmas for children in need. I would venture to say that nearly every public school, private or charter, has received donations from Dow.

I hope that this letter gives some insight into who Dow Lewis is. I am not writing this letter to boost or brag. Quite the opposite is true, as Dow is reserved and private in these matters. I wrote this letter to let Dow know how privileged I feel to have known and worked for him, for the many years I have. Dow really does care about those he lives amongst. He wishes all of you happiness and success in all that you do. I am very grateful for the example Dow has set for the community, as well as myself. Please enjoy the day, and all the festivities!

Sincerely, Murry Lewis